What’s So Trendy About Humana Dental That Everyone Went Crazy Over It insurance adjuster came out and you see that the project is full of hail damn it’s just everywhere and you’ve documented it like crazy but this adjuster for.
Humana Dental
Humana Dentalg
whatever reason comes out and he must not know how to identify hail damage because he says there’s no hail I don’t see hail anywhere and so how do you how do you go about dealing with that problem right what’s the strategy
for that well it depends on that that specific situation it may be that you’re gonna send a photo report into the inside desk adjuster along with a detailed email it may be that you’re gonna send a photo report with an estimate into an
insight desk adjuster it may be that you’re gonna make a phone call to the inside descoteaux stormy point is it might be unique and specific to that particular claim and sothe strategy that you call for is different on this particular claim it may be that they sent out an engineer for example and the engineer said that there was no hail damage and what
do you do from there what if you need to bring up something to the insurance company address something that is so obvious but it’s policy and coverage related now if you can educate your client the property owner on what that means then it may be that this is one of those times where your client is the one that’s addressing that situation with
the insurance company so it may be an email that’s written by the client that addresses policy and coverage issues that you really can’t get into but they