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  • show you  really take care of your teeth because dentemax my dad just had to go get teeth polled like a couple weeks.
  • ago make sure that  you take care of your teeth know that somebody is gonna want to look at you and kiss you.
  • and smile and pictures with  you so it’s very important that your teeth look good I’ll carve out curve and.
  • I hope that you guys take advantage of those great offers that I have going on  and I also want to thank all of you.

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  • I have reached a milestone I never thought that I would  reach that many subscribers and I’m so excited so.
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  • box to et all the information that you need and that’s it I have something a little bit different  than what I normally do but I want to share with you guys my oral hygiene routine I get so many questions about my teeth.
  • how I whitened them the products that I use and you guys know I’m really big on hygiene I have a couple hygiene shower routine videos on my channel  already because.