Dental and vision insurance combined

drop or delete in an insurance plan and Dental and vision insurance combined know in open dental but again today we’re only going to focus on the normal type the other.

types of fee schedules will be addressed in later webinars so I’ve gone to setup and fee schedules and it brought me to this window.

in here if I want to add a new fee schedule I can click the Add button and when I’m adding a new fee schedule I need to give it.

a description which would be its identifying name in this instance I’m just going to type Humana and as I said we’re going to choose.

the type normal and this is typically for an in-network plan and again the different the other two types will be discussed in later.

webinars so Dental and vision insurance combined we’ve selected normal it’s blue and highlighted below this you have a hidden checkbox and you would check this box if.

you wanted to hide the fee schedule so that it can’t be selected so an old fee schedule that you no longer want you could just hide it.

and then below that the use global fees now this checkbox if it’s checked it only allows changes to fees at the fee schedule level if.

you uncheck it allows fees to be changed for maybe a specific provider or a specific clinic so you would uncheck it if you had.

maybe a general dentist and a specialist in your office that had different reimbursement rates for Dental and vision insurance combined an insurance so you could set the fee.