more benefits and I’ll show you that here in just one.

  • second  additionally you have one low annual deductible of a hundred  ameritas dental dollars now  that’s  for all three services. 
  • which  is fantastic there’s no waiting period for basic or preventive services for your dental coverage.
  • you can go get your  exams cleanings x-rays even of fillings or extractions done right away with no waiting .

    ameritas dental
    ameritas dental
  • they are covered after  months so you can after months go get your crowns dentures bridges.
  • all of those major things covered now when you go to the dentist your coverage is going to start  off at your first year.
  • your second year your coverage increases to  and your third year it’s going to increase to % now this is for preventative.

basic and major services so  for  basic and major services is almost unheard of it’s it’s great so the longer you keep this plan.

  • the more coverage you’re going to get but your prices stay the same so it’s important to lock in  these prices as soon .
  • as you can based on your age now for vision and hearing services there’s again no waiting periods for routine exams.
  • go get your eyes examined you’re examined your hearing exams go get all that stuff  taken care of day one glasses and contacts.

are covered after six month waiting period so .

  • medically necessary glasses or contacts hearing  aids are covered after twelve months so again you can get your hearings.
  • in right away and your hearing aids you can get those if you need those after months your coverage increases again.
  • for both vision and hearing coverage up to   percent after three years so for all three dental vision and hearing you start.
  • off at sixty percent coverage then you go to seventy percent and then finally percent now for most dental plans I see in.
  • the market thirty to fifty percent coverage is about average  this provides up to eighty percent coverage now because .
  • I have clients asking each and every day about this insurance plan I get to see what the most common questions are so I want to go ahead and address those here