Full coverage dental insurance¬†matrix we want to rebuild¬†Full coverage dental insurance that marginal Ridge again we’re going towards a bio mimetic design what that means is that we’re doing that marginal Ridge as if Nature had created it we want to make sure that we’re not just throwing a whole bunch of composite there without layering it and.

Full coverage dental insurance
Full coverage dental insurance

we’re not gonna have a nice seal we want to make sure that we placed a marginal Ridge where it’s gonna be at the end before we actually even start to polish before we actually start to finish so if we have that it’s gonna give us a very high success rate and all of our entry proximal contacts.

The most important step in to having a strong interproximal contact and it cannot stress this enough and that’s why I love this picture so much is having a wedge if we do not wedge you’re not gonna have tight contacts so this is the final outcome of.

The inch proximal contact you see that it’s nice and broad nice and close and this is what I’m talking about Priya wedging so what is pre wedging and when do we do it how do we do it so pre wedging means that we’re actually gonna put .

A wedge and that proximal contact before we even start our restoration before we actually even start to remove any decay why well because wedging will separate the teeth but it’s not gonna be something that’s instant it’s not something .

that’s gonna be once you remove the decay and then you wedge and then you put your matrix in that’s not enough time we need to have around five to ten