Which insurance company underneath dental insurance no waiting period network but keep that up to date and leave it as for you as the business owner you keep the master and then you give it to do your staff as they need it or as .

dental insurance no waiting period
dental insurance no waiting period
  • They come on board or as they as things change and they can manage it and update it but you’ve got.
  • utilize some tools or resources one more way Jen said utilize tools and resources .
  • I it just light bulb for me sometimes you can look in the practice management.
  • software if there are fee schedules entered you’re more than likely in network .

With those people with those fee schedules so if you’ve Annette in a fee schedule in your office in your practice management software you’re probably in network.

With that net and that would be a good place to start to is every name on a fee schedule that’s in your software call them make sure you’re in network and get.

A copy of the updated fee schedule that’s going to solve a lot of problems if it was entered in there yeah that’s just a good place to check .

Well i still in an offices just going into offices know where the fee schedules are in the PMS they are in literally in a provider and the staff are flipping through pages where the fee schedules are in page protectors I mean we cannot run .

A business system you can’t run a business that way you can’t do it can’t do it you must take the time whether it’s you your staff on a weekend pay them bring in .

A coach consultant to do it for you you can’t run your business on fee schedules in a page protector okay you gotta move on okay what do I do with credit balances and this is something .

That I’ve gotten into debates with or seen debates on message boards no you should not carry any credit balances you must write a check right away to yes you can keep the credit balance as