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cheap dental insurance Machines are used for taking bite wing and pericardial x-rays when using a standard x-ray machine the film is placed into a film holder and theĀ cheap dental insurance film holder are placed in the patient’s .

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Mouth there are several different types of holders depending on the type of x-ray to be taken the operators preference or the size of the patient’s mouth a standard in all dental offices is the placement of .

The exposure button outside of the room where the x-ray machine is located this helps protect the dental assistant from the potentially harmful effects of repeated radiation exposure.

Many offices use x-ray monitoring devices to ensure the dental assistant is not receiving scatter radiation when the dental assistant is a minimum of feet away from the x-ray.

Machine he or she activates the exposure button and takes the x-ray upon re-entering the room the film is removed from the patient’s mouth if another x-ray is to be taken the assistant repeats.

The process when all x-rays have been taken the assistant takes off the patient’s lead apron and thyroid collar the anorexia or pan ellipse x-ray machine is used to take panoramic x-rays which display all of the teeth and much of the jaw and bone structure for.

This radiography the film must be loaded into a cassette this must be done in the darkroom or the film will be ruined the assistant puts the cassette into the holder in the x-ray machine in panoramic x-rays the film is outside the patient’s .

mouth ask the patient to remove all earrings jewelry hearing devices or any other removable head accessory as they will appear on the x-ray and may block an area